I UK [flæt] / US noun
Word forms "flat":
singular flat plural flats
1) [countable] British a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a large building. The usual American word is apartment

They bought a flat in Chelsea.

The family live in a fourth-floor flat.

Let's meet at my flat.

a block of flats (= a building with a lot of flats in it)

a) [countable] music a musical note that is one semitone lower than a particular note
b) music a written symbol ♭ for showing that you must play or sing a note a semitone lower
3) flats
[plural] a low flat area of land, usually wet land near a large area of water
4) [countable] mainly American informal a puncture I, 1)
5) flats
[plural] mainly American shoes without heels or with very low heels

II UK [flæt] / US adjective
Word forms "flat":
adjective flat comparative flatter superlative flattest
1) level and parallel to the ground

The building has a flat roof.

You need a flat surface to work on.

a) smooth on the surface, with no lumps or slopes

The farmland is very flat.

a firm flat stomach

b) thin and wide and not curving inwards or outwards

a monitor with a flat screen

She put the fruit on a large flat plate.

2) stretched out or lying on a surface

Stand with your feet flat on the floor.

flat on your back:

She was flat on her back asleep.

3) a flat rate or amount is the same in all situations, so that you do not pay more or less

The bank charges a flat fee of £5 for money transfers.

4) lacking emotion, interest, or excitement

Ben's voice was curiously flat when he told us the news.

The victory celebrations seemed rather flat.

5) said directly and definitely

a flat refusal

It was a flat statement of fact, with no apology.

6) a flat tyre does not have enough air in it
7) a flat battery does not have enough power left in it
8) a flat drink has lost its bubbles of gas, so that it does not taste good
9) flat shoes have very low heels or no heels
10) spoken in a voice that does not go up and down. This word is often used for describing the speech of people from a particular region.
11) appearing as a line on a graph that does not go up or down, showing no activity or variety
12) used for describing an organization or system in which there are not many different levels of status

Many companies are adopting a flatter management structure.

a) music a B flat, E flat etc is a musical note that is one semitone lower than B, E etc
b) music slightly lower than the musical note that should be played or sung
14) with very little business or activity happening

August was a flat month.

III UK [flæt] / US adverb
Word forms "flat":
comparative flatter superlative flattest
1) stretched out or lying on a surface

Carole says she's not comfortable lying flat.

We heard a bang and threw ourselves flat on the ground.

He laid the map out flat on the table.

2) music singing or playing musical notes that are slightly lower than they should be

Brenda has always sung terribly flat.

3) informal exactly: used for emphasizing how quickly something is done

I fell asleep in five seconds flat!

4) informal completely

They turned me down flat.

flat broke (= having no money at all):

We were flat broke at the time.

go flat against something (= completely ignore someone's authority):

I warned you not to do it but you went flat against my advice.

English dictionary. 2014.

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